Meme-Inspired Clothing Is Annoying as Hell

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Do you wish your outfits looked like Tumblr diarrhea’d on a web-cached version of eBay from 1995? Do you get your fashion inspiration by flipping through a vintage Delia*s catalog on a tremendous amount of ketamine? We’ve got the hot new look for you!

New York Magazine profiled young entrepreneurs running Shop Jeen, an online retailer that sells internet-themed clothes, and I’m not sure if it’s meant as a glowing profile or a provocation to generation-gap induced despair.


Shop Jeen’s CEO is 23-year-old Erin Yogasundram, whose second-in-command is her 26-year-old best friend/creative director Amelia Muqbel. It’s like a nascent, next-generation version of Nasty Gal— independently created by a young woman, focused on selling “edgy” looks online, initially bare-bones operation.


I imagine Shop Jeen is goldmine for investigative reporters trying to go undercover at an all-ages Diplo show.


And look: It’s great that two women in their early 20s are establishing a successful retail business. Even if it’s a retail business selling horrible scene-kid flotsam of objectively low quality! That said—and I don’t know if it was deliberate or not—the interview reads like a demented Bret Easton Ellis story about two young, beautiful, meme-lovin’ sociopaths. To wit:

“Is there anything else we should know about you?” Erin asks flatly.

“I eat Chipotle, like, every day.”

Erin and Amelia nod approvingly.


“I think that the angle for the story is how I’m this emotional 23-year-old girl, yet I have to combat these crazy 50-year-old-CEO work problems,” Erin tells me while lighting up an American Spirit. She takes a puff and exhales dramatically out of one side of her mouth, kind of like a child pretending to smoke a breadstick. “I just started smoking a few weeks ago,” she says. “It’s been stressful.”


You should read the entire feature on these SELF-PROCLAIMED “hype-beast hipsters” at New York Mag, especially if you want to feel like Abe Simpson.

And you should also please, please, please take a photo and send it to me immediately if you see this hot number in the wild: