Metal Male Chastity Device, Only $15.52 Per Unit

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The poor old Gizmodo tips hotline is besieged by spam. But occasionally it pays to read some of it...


We've been offered the chance to take delivery of the above two 'Metal Male Chastity Devices' from a Chinese sex toy retailer, at a bargain price of only $15.52 per piece. The main one is a little frightening, but the little ringed inset model might make a nice little toy to put on a desk.

Here's the spam in question:

How are you?
We recently opened two more metal male chastity device. please see attached photoes.
This two item the price is the same. USD15.52/PC
If you are interested in it, please let us know.
We are looking forward to hear from your soon.
Thank you

Best regards
Suse Ding

Thanks, Suse. But nature has its own way of ensuring I don't require such a device. My face and body.