Microsoft On the Defensive Against Video iPod

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The Microsoft Inferi are massing on a secret, uncharted island off the coast of Washington, arming themselves for the battle of the century. Bill Gates, disfigured from a recent run-in with Albus Jobs, stands at the head of the long hall, his wand at the ready.

"We will not fail!" he screams. "We will not fall!"

Slowly, the rhythmic thump of a million pasty feet in Tevas fills the hall. The Microsofties are rallying to their Master's cry, screaming for iPod Blood.

"We will use our connections with Hollywood to cut Apple off at the pass. Our spies even now are massing in Beverly Hills to undermine the Ministry of Movie Magic. Jobs must fail."

A throaty, if nasal, howl comes from the Inferi. The Microsoft Code Eaters are on the move.


Microsoft Courts Hollywood Allies [LA Times via Slashdot]