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MiniMash Lets You Pretend to Be an iPad DJ While It Does All the Work

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

DJ-ing is hard. Apart from buying all that expensive gear, the steep learning curve will keep many a budding turntablist out of most clubs (thankfully). So while the MiniMash app is awesome for doing the work for you, keep it away from my bars.

In principle, MiniMash works similarly to last year's impressive djay app for the iPad. It takes what songs you have your iDevice, analyzes them, and lets you mash them together quick fast. Only the layout is way stripped down; it looks rather like if wanted to do a set on a Super Nintendo. All the heavy lifting is done in the background—tempo and pitch matching—so that you can create smooth transitions and mixes for most of what you throw at it. You can't scratch, but you do have some of the tools to do more creative, powerful things with your remixes.


And when all is said and done, you can even upload your mix to SoundCloud on the go. Fun! Only—call me cynical—I can just see dudes with iPhones and SoundCloud accounts insisting they play their Waka Flocka/The National mash-ups at parties and making requests for them at dive bars. Because this makes it so easy. But leave it to the professionals, guys. You're not there yet. $2. [iTunes via]