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Mission: Impossible's Rebecca Ferguson Could Be Joining Men in Black and Doctor Sleep

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Rebecca Ferguson is moving on from the latest Mission: Impossible into not one, but two interesting genre roles, with not just more spy-fi, but also a trip into the vast world of Stephen King adaptations too.

Deadline reports that Ferguson has closed deals to star in both the part-reboot-part-sequel Men in Black film and the upcoming adaptation of Doctor Sleep, Stephen King’s follow-up to his classic horror tale The Shining. Both are major roles, according to the site.


For Doctor Sleep, the first of the films Ferguson will shoot, she’ll apparently play main villain Rose the Hat, the head of a cult that murders young people who have the “shining” ability Danny Torrance has, in order to feed off their psychic energies.

The Men in Black role, however, is more nebulous, but equally intriguing. Described as a wonderfully unspecific “plum role,” Ferguson’s undisclosed character will appear opposite Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson’s agents. Whether it’s in a villainous capacity or as a fellow agent remains to be seen, but given her Mission: Impossible role, she’s used to dealing with weird and adventurous superspies anyway.