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More Sling Player Upgrades Coming

Illustration for article titled More Sling Player Upgrades Coming

Pogue reviews the Slingbox Solo, but the news is that the Sling Client is getting an upgrade in the shape of local pause and rewind controls. That's cool because you don't have to deal with the stream delay while trying to rewind or pause the TiVo back home remotely.


The upgrade, due in a month, will also have the clip and post functionality that lets you share clips with friends online, which we heard about at CES. And Pogue's post confirms an iPhone client is coming, which we first heard about in an off hand remark by Om interview with CEO Blake Krikorian before an SDK was ever acknowledged by The steve. Sling rep and TiVo blogger Dave Zatz offered up these words when we sought confirmation: "We're actively researching the iphone platform, and are eagerly awaiting the SDK."

What I wonder is if Sling is WMV-based, and the iPhone streams H.264 natively, does this mean Sling'll start broadcasting in H.264? Or is Sling going to make a WM client for the iPhone? Either way, it's going to be a long stream home on that EDGE connection.

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Yeah I use my slingbox pro on my HTC PDA phone all the time and EDGE can handle about a 175k 320x240 "Stereo Low" presentation without skipping at about 90% signal strength.

Now H.264 on your home 802.11a/b/g/n network. Now we are talking, but over EDGE or even 3G, I doubt it. It would be cool though!