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When researchers needed an easier way to share data and resources, and generally collaborate they invented the internet. And then they all went home and let the memes and brunch photos take over. Which is weird. Sure, initiatives like CERN are able to coordinate thousands of scientists toward common goals as a result of the internet, but the process of publishing research really hasn't changed much.

People are finally starting to notice, and science-focused social media services are cropping up. One is Mozilla's Science Lab, which will promote open web practices. Kaitlin Thaney, who worked on starting the Creative Commons science program, is leading the charge. Science Lab's first focus will be digital literacy specifically geared for science, and the project is partnering with Greg Wilson who founded Software Carpentry, a program that helps researchers feel more comfortable with web resources. At this point it just seems like something's got to give in the traditional academic publishing system. Might make research feel more accessible to non-scientists, too. [Mozilla]


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