MythBusters Claims the Moon Landings Actually Happened

On their show last night, MythBusters sought to debunk one of the biggest myths of all, that NASA's "moon landings" were shot on a Hollywood backlot. And, spoiler alert, it looks like all that space exploration actually happened. So I guess that's it. Everyone can now remove their tinfoil hats and crack open a bag of freeze dried ice cream. Unless...of course...MythBusters is in on the whole thing...


I see almost all their shows and they way they talk and make their conclusions are different. Their intonation and way of speaking are different.

Indeed they must have been sponsored by Nasa. They way the talk about their experiences are not natural enthousiastic.

A voice analysis and behaviour analysis tells me they are lying in this video or at least telling a story they don't believe themselves.

Just one wimple observation. Ask yourself a simple question. Why if they have been to the moon 40 years ago, why can't they make it there now? Why having all this trouble? We have 40 years of technological advancement over the thin cans they were using back then. Computers back then were room sized and materials were much much heavier. It should be a peace of cake to get to the moon now compared to then.

So, no they were never on the moon in the first place.