NESynth iPhone App Pumps Out Nintendo-Style Chiptunes

Like the 8Bitone synthesizer app, NESynth lets you create 80s-style music with 8-bit sounds. But the coolest part: You can control it all with an on-screen NES-style gamepad. Watch the rockin' video after the jump to see what I mean.


Also fun is the $2 app's use of the iPhone's accelerometer to pitch-bend sounds, and its ability to let you jam along with a friend—and hear what they're playing on your phone.

As you'll hear in the video below, NESynth has built-in classic sound effects (jump, fire, laser, etc), and an arpeggiator to help build up melodies using the on-screen piano keyboard.

(For the synth geeks out there: sound generation comes from 3 pulse waveforms, a triangle waveform, and white noise.) [NESynth | iTunes Store]


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