New HTC One Seemingly Leaked in This Detailed 12-Minute Video

Given we already seem to know so much about this year's HTC One successor, you have to wonder what will be left for the struggling Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer to show off at its March 25th showcase event. Thanks to this lengthy video leak, they might as well box 'em up and get the phone down to the shops already.

Coming courtesy of YouTuber GadgetReviews, who has since taken the original video down (seemingly as it reveals the IMEI number — and potentially the source of the leak), it's now been reposted by quick-fingered downloaders. While the internal specifications don't get a mention, we do get a look at the handset's dual-cameras, onscreen navigation buttons built into the updated Sense 6.0 UI and the welcome inclusion of a microSD slot.

There's not a hell of a lot new here then, sadly, but it's the most in-depth look at the phone we've had so far, and adds extra weight to the rumours that have been swirling around over the past few months. As ever, you'll want to wait for official word from HTC before setting your cash aside, but a clear picture of what to expect from the new HTC One is definitely forming. [YouTube, 2]


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Remi Paluszak

Some real issues with the camera though, huh? Why the two lenses? Can anyone explain?