New Trailer for Britannia Asks 'What if Game of Thrones Had Druid Raves?'

The Romans have invaded Westeros.

A new trailer is up for Sky Atlantic’s historical fantasy Britannia. Set during the Roman invasion of Celtic Britain, the show focuses on a Roman general named Aulus Plautius (played by The Walking Dead’s Governor, David Morrissey) who is attempting to conquer the Celtic heart of Britannia, which the series calls “a mysterious land ruled by warrior women and powerful druids who can channel the mysterious forces of the Underworld.” Sounds like an awesome place.


The trailer doesn’t show any actual magic being used, but there’s a lot of sexy Druid dancing set to rock music.

The show’s cast includes Morrissey, Kelly Reilly (Sherlock Holmes), and Zoë Wanamaker (Madame Hooch from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone). Emperor Palpatine also shows up (Ian McDiarmid), taking on the role of King Pellenor. Hopefully he’ll shoot lightning here too.

There’s also a (strangely tame) red band trailer that came out in the UK around Christmas, if you like hearing young girls scream “Come and get me, you fucking Romans!” Which, honestly, I don’t think anybody could object to. Britannia debuts with 10 episodes on Amazon Prime January 18.

[via Syfy]



Was going to ask if the Britons would have followed someone who was ginger. Then saw that Boudica was described as having “tawny” hair. So reddish brown. Question answered.

Our national prejudice against ginger people must have started at a later date.