Next-Gen iPhone Specs, Launch Date Rumor Looks Fishy (OLED Screen, Light-Up Apple Logo?)

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Apple iPhone Apps, a site with no known track record (which is also down right now) just leaked a July 17 release date and a bunch of specs for the next iPhone. They look fishy.


The July 17 release could technically be possible, since it's on a Friday and Apple's been releasing their iPhones on Fridays, but the specs are weird.

* 32GB and 16GB storage (up from the current 16GB and 8GB models)
* $199 and $299 price points to be maintained
* 3.2-megapixel camera (up from the current 2-megapixel camera)
* Video-recording and editing capabilities
* Ability to send a picture & video via MMS
* Discontinuation of the metal band surrounding the edge of the device
* OLED screen
* 1.5 times the battery life of the current models
* Double the RAM and processing power
* Built-in FM transmitter
* Apple logo on back will glow
* Rubber-tread backing
* Sleeker design
* Built-in compass
* The camera, GPS, compass and Google map combined will identify photo and inform about photo locations
* Turn-by-turn directions

So what's weird? The OLED screen, for one. The 1.5x battery life, for two. And a rubber-tread backing/sleeker design for three. It's still quite cost-prohibitive to use OLED screens on devices, and it's difficult to see how Apple could shrink down the size of the device to make it "sleeker" while at the same time making the battery 1.5x. Maybe because they're using an OLED screen?

It's all very pie in the sky, so don't take it as literal proof that the next iPhone will have this. And the rubber tread backing may or may not be this leaked image from MacRumors, which isn't quite rubber, but more of a matte feel than the current version. [Apple iPhone Apps via 9 to 5 Mac]


wow can you imagine a glowing apple orb?

an oled screen?

those would be fantastic. but the pessimist in me calls bull.

however, the fan in me says please please please! :P