Next Nintendo DS Might Get a Huge Speed Boost from Tegra

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The Nintendo DS is great, but seriously underpowered. That could change in the next version, though, thanks to a little help from the same processor that drives the Zune HD.


It's rumored that Nvidia has won a contract to supply Nintendo with Tegra chips for the next generation DS. The specific chip Nintendo plans on using is unknown, so we don't know exactly how powerful the next model could be. Considering the current DS runs on two incredibly slow processors, any Tegra would be a huge boost in power.

As a bonus, the source reports that the new hardware should allow backwards compatibility. Hopefully not à la PSP Go, where backwards compatibility really means you have to buy all the games you already own again. [Bright Side of the News via Electronista]



I've heard some strange thing about the Tegra. It look like it is actually a pimped CPU that was used in the old iPods manufactured by a certain company that Nvidia brought. So in short, according to the rumor, the Tegra would be little more then a over hyped weak CPU/GPU.

I have a hard time believing it. Considering I don't know much about the Tegra doesn't help either. but is there any real benchmark that show the power of the Tegra VS the ARM processors that is, in say, the iPod Touch/Pre/iPhone?