Nico: These Days

Nico's version of "These Days" is the perfect fall song. It's the kind of music best listened to in solitude, sipping tea and contemplating failure and the nagging sense of unspecific loss that accompanies the passage of time and the change to a chillier season.

During the summer I tend to listen to more upbeat music. I'm on a patio, jogging, or I'm basking in the magnificent sunshine, and I want something that matches my ebullient mood. I haven't listened to this song all summer, but now that the foliage is crisp and my outlook is a little more melancholy, it's just right.


If you don't know Nico, she was a fascinating woman: A beautiful German artist, she became one of Andy Warhol's "Superstars" in the 1960s, and was a singer in the Velvet Underground during the band's early years. She didn't write this song—it's a Jackson Browne original—but her 1967 version is my favorite.

Anyone else have a favorite fall song?

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