Nintendo Announces Pink DS Lite

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Nintendo fan boys and girls the world over will be delighted to know that the DS Lite will soon be available in that color of flamingos, a girly-looking powdery shade the company calls Noble Pink.


If you're getting all excited about something like this, well, you're easily excitable, but from what we can discern from Nintendo's Japanese language website, you'll have to wait until July 20th to pick one up for $144. With the addition of this color, soon the Nintendo DS Lite will be available in four colors: Crystal White, Ice Blue, Enamel Navy, and this pink one. We're not really seeing anything noble about it—they should have called it Girly Pink.

Product Page [Nintendo, via Akihabara News]

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I love NDS Lite cas there's a lot of games 2 play!!! And I wish 2 have a shiny pink NDS Lite!!