Nite Coaster Nighttime Illuminated Coaster Lightning Review

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The Gadget: A motion detecting bedside coaster that will make sure that your glasses (both eye and drinking) are bright enough for you to see in the dark, while at the same time not too bright to wake you up.

The Price: $25

The Verdict: Buy one! If you're anything like me and wake up multiple times in the middle of the night to drink water, you'll be glad you have this Nite Coaster to ensure that you can see the target clearly in your half-asleep haze.

Even if you can feel your way to your glass or glasses or phone with your eyes closed in the dark, the fact that it's illuminated means you can reach it much faster without the risk of knocking stuff over. Less grope time means more sleep time.

And if you're worried about this being overly bright or overly sensitive to motion—it's not. The light is just bright enough so that you can see in the dark, but not bright enough to even match something like a cellphone screen or something that can wake you up when you're asleep. Plus it makes your drinking glass look cool. [Nite Coaster]