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OMG, the internet is beating up Pogue for his iPhone video. We like picking on the guy, even when we're praising the authoritative, yet mainstream-accessible NYTimes gadget columnist. (See our photoshop contest entitled "Make David Pogue Cool".) And we've had our share of blog fights with the guy. But when I see the Huff Po, Valleywag, and others take shots at him without understanding how annoying it was for a gadget journalist to actually have to make a fair verdict of the iPhone amidst the buzz and anti-buzz, well, it doesn't seem right. I mean, just because you hate your job doesn't mean the rest of us have to. It's a phone, relax, people.


Maybe I'm just taking it personally, because it was a damn good idea. Oh, right, the iPhone music video was an idea we came up with together. I totally goaded him into it by telling him that its the thing that would set his work apart from Mossberg and the rest of the mainstream journalists. He was a former Broadway arranger, you know. There's no reason why he shouldn't flaunt that. If I could do every review on Gizmodo in musical form I would.

What is he supposed to do, hate it just because everyone is sick of hearing how awesome it is? Even the iPhone's hardest critics have to admit its amazing in some ways. (Have you seen our review?) Pogue just feels its worth crowing over, literally. His video still covers the flaws. He's just having a good time. It's gadgets. It's a phone. Relax Pogue critics. There's no nefarious plot to sell more books. There's just a guy who likes gadgets and did a music video about it.

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