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Notes: Eat Honey Bee Vanilla Haagen Dazs, Save the Bees From Your Cellphones

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Haagen Dazs is selling a limited edition brand of honey flavored vanilla ice cream, and it is the most incredible flavor I have ever experienced. But don't eat this ice cream for the benefit of your palate. Do it for the bees. Which your cellphones are allegedly murdering. UPDATE: Or not, but who cares? This is good ice cream.

A portion of the profits from this flavor are going to support research investigating, among other things, whether or not cellphones are responsible for the shrinking bee population; 40% of all the natural flavors Haagen Dazs uses in its stuff depend on the critters for their creation. After finishing one pint, I went back to the store, and bought the remaining quantities on the shelf. UPDATE: Yes, it is just that delicious that I can justify writing a Gizmodo post about it. And OMG Ponies is telling me that the cellphone radiation and bee killing correlation has been long debunked. [Haagen Dazs]