Notes: Labor Day Changes

Hey all. Labor day's always signaled the true end of summer to me, and this year, it marks many changes and breaks for the Giz team. Jason's taking a last minute vacation to some tropical destination, and I spent the day finding a ski cabin and getting ready for the upcoming snowboarding season. Jesús is leaving Berlin and getting back home before moving; Mark and Wilson are settling into new homes in new cities; Adam is in Cape Cod; John Herrman is ending his internship and returning to Scotland in a few days; CES prep starts to warm up. We rest so that we can brace ourselves and resist the rush of new gadgets the companies want to shove down our gullets. So, we're taking the holiday weekend to post a little less and relax a little more. If you end up missing us more than you can bear, here's a link to our most recent top stories and features. Otherwise, we'll see you on Tuesday. UPDATE: Unless some MF decides to break some news...


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Bogus Maximus

Have a great weekend gang, we'll miss you!