PMA starts soon, and some PR people I know didn't even get more than 1 day off between this one and that other Vegas show in January. That's what I call hell. I'm glad Matt Buchanan is taking the hit and going for us. I think he just bumped into Pogue in the airport. The cameras we've seen so far are generally spam, although a few interesting models are coming our way, like the HD video recording Panasonic Lumix camera and the Nikon DSLR that can patch together 100 stills into a short movie. Very cool.


But back to the product spam. How should we cover all this junk at trade shows? Pass on the little things entirely? Maybe. Let me know.

I'm also increasingly impressed with the Canon 40D I've been using. Most notably, the 40D's got far less grain at higher ISOs than the 30D. When I asked a Canon rep what happened to the noise, he quickly replied, "We gave it to the competition." Such a bloody battle, that camera war.


A few days after CES, Charlie White, the Giz editor with a record tenure of 2 years, resigned. The place feels a bit less wild without him around posting things like Pencil sharpeners shaped like women in sexual positions. But Charlie is also really knowledgeable when it comes to AV tech. A solid guy.

What else? I'm growing to enjoy the Macbook Air more with each use. Instead of lugging the Macbook Pro to Lisa's house, I just take the Air. And the weight does make a difference. (Especially for a out of shape blogger.) Speed hasn't been a problem when using it as a casual computing machine. But that's all it is. I notice a strange problem. Because it is so light, I don't treat it with the same sort of TLC I do my big notebook. It begs to be tossed around, like a magazine, and I've just stopped myself from doing so several times.

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