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Notes: Zombie Hotels in Spain

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Hello. I'm still in Spain. Between jetlag, posting madness, and some insane hotel reservations, I ended up getting an hour of sleep each of the last two nights, which led to all sorts of vomiting and paranoia in between the blogging.

Since we posted very quickly on the two biggest stories of the show, the Xperia and Android hands ons, you'd figure we were organized. No. We booked hotels late, and apparently, Barcelona doesn't have too many of these accommodations relative to the size of Mobile World Congress. Rooms were going for 1000 Euros by the time we went hunting, so we ended up with a room in a place about 45 minutes outside of the city. At least in theory.

Our cabbie just wouldn't shut up. Later, Jesús told me he wouldn't stop bitching about his wife divorcing him. But while we were driving, all I could notice was that he was talking a lot more than he should have been, especially venturing outside of the city without a GPS or map. He overshot our exit by 30 minutes. And because it was getting late and he was sleepy, he insisted on turning the A/C off. It was freezing, and winding through the mountain roads, in the fog, exhausted and cold, I got motion sick or food poisoning set in. I puked a river at some random junction.


When we got to the hotel, turns out it was a quaint little monastery. To my American eyes, used to strip malls and 100 year buildings at the oldest, the place just looked incredibly similar to the scenery in Resident Evil 4. (The best zombie games of all time. Fact.)


At this point, I was so sick and exhausted that I swore I kept seeing things moving in the dark corner of the room and got an hour of sleep. It sucked.

In other news, Nigel from Red Ferret hit 10k posts. And Adam Frucci is Geek Sugar's "Geek we love". Fine achievements on both their parts.

See you Stateside, hopefully with some Airtight package of Spanish Ham smuggled into my suitcase. Shhh!