Now Amazon Is Planning to Make Original TV Content

Rumors have been floating around for the past couple of months that Amazon was looking to produce sitcoms and children's television. Now All Things D is confirming it: Amazon is looking to pay $10,000 to option scripts and $55,000 if a show is greenlit. Furthermore, shows are expected to "look and feel like 'real' TV shows." Hulu, Netflix, Google...look out!


Amazon offered up a few more details on how their pitch process will work: aspiring series creators can submit their show idea to Amazon here. Once a month, they will option a new show, which will be thrown into the pool of possible candidates for production. If you have a brilliant idea, all you need is a five page description and a spec script. If Amazon likes it, they'll get back to you within 45 days. [Amazon, AllThingsD]

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