Now We Know the Working Title for Terminator 6

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In a recent interview, James Cameron revealed what may indeed be the title of the latest Terminator movie. And it’s a good one.

In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment, Cameron shared just a bit of information about how the new film, which ditches the newer films to focus on the story immediately following Terminator 2: Judgment Day, is shaping up.

Menacingly, the interview begins with some of Cameron’s thoughts about humanity, which might be influencing the direction of Terminator 6, which is produced by Cameron and directed by Tim Miller. “I tend to be optimistic about people and our capacity to solve problems,” he told Yahoo. “When I think of us as empathetic beings, I think we’re going to get through this OK. When I see how people lose their empathy when they get into positions of power, then I lose that hope.”


It’s a sad sentiment that might be related to the title reveal: Terminator: Dark Fate. “That’s our working title right now,” Cameron said.

It’s a good one! Menacing, and just properly generic that it’ll be a delight to make fun of if the movie’s bad. And it’s not a nonsense word like “genisys.”


Terminator: Dark Fate, if that ends up being its final name, comes to theaters November 1.

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