This past Saturday, a brave group of Giz readers braved 90 degree heat followed by raging thunderstorms to hang out in Coney Island, drink some beers and watch some totally inept minor league baseball. It was awesome.

Sure, we all got caught in what felt like the storm of the century right when we entered the ballbark. No big deal. Everyone ended up sprinting next door to Peggy O'Niells for some pitchers of beer and some of the most difficult to eat cheese dogs we've ever seen. Eventually, the rain let up, the game started, and we enjoyed our seats near first base while discovering just why the members of the Coney Island Cyclones are on a minor league team: they suck.


It was great to put faces to commenter names, even if it was kind of weird calling people by real names when you just want to call them, say, 92buicklesabre. Everybody was really cool, and despite whatever expectations I might have had, there was not a single socially awkward geek to be found. Sure, there were plenty of geeks, but all of them were more than personable. Thanks to Nokia's Ovi share system and the N95 they lent us, you can see the pictures we took during the meetup and uploaded to the site above.

At the end of the night, we handed out a bunch of fun swag from Nerf, Razer and Steelseries, making plans to hang out again and see the Dark Knight. We'll definitely have another NYC meetup of some sort in the future, but probably at a bar in Manhattan so more people can make it.


Oh, and OMG! Ponies and Kaiser-Machead, who both promised to show up and then didn't? You're both banned.

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