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Obama Just Vetoed a Proposed Ban on Apple Products

Illustration for article titled Obama Just Vetoed a Proposed Ban on Apple Products

Back in June, as part of the never-ending Samsung vs Apple patent war, Samsung won a skirmish that could have ultimately lead to a ITC sales ban on certain Apple products including the iPhone 4 and 3G iPad 2 in the US. Well the victory was short lived; the WSJ is reporting that Obama just issued a big ol' veto.


The whole thing goes back to a Samsung-held patent about particular 3G standards, and if executed, only would have blocked a few older Apple products, perhaps most importantly the iPhone 4. With this veto, the threat is effectively over and things will stay exactly the way they were. But it's probably safe to bet this won't be the last zero-sum patent battle in this conflict. [WSJ]

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the voice of man over the courts?? I only own an iPhone 4, an iPad2 and a Macbook Pro, and no Samsung products beyond a monitor, but ridiculous. The court should be able to conduct its affairs w/o overturning by the executive, so could someone please explain this?