Ossur Power Knee Prosthesis Features AI-Driven Motor

Illustration for article titled Ossur Power Knee Prosthesis Features AI-Driven Motor

The latest Ossur Power Knee is just a prosthesis, but it more closely resembles a robot than any artificial limb.


A leg fashioned for above-knee amputees, the Power Knee is the only prosthesis of its kind to feature an AI-driven motor. Sensors in the foot gather precise measurements of contact while accelerometers and torque sensors gather additional movement data, the information is sent to an onboard computer and the knee is driven as naturally as possible to compensate motion for environmental factors.

The result is supposed to be a fluid walking experience that relieves an amputee's concentration on walking—claims that will be tested when the Power Knee is released to the public in 2010, or whenever Skynet begins investing in Ossur stock. [Ossur via Engadget]



What do we do when the "master computer" goes crazy and decides to overtake the human race with its army of double amputees? Anybody have the link to the Apocalypse Survival Guide from a few months back? I see us needing this very soon. I'm al;ready starting the rebel alliance in my basement. The password is "coconut" and you must be wearing shorts so i can see both of your knees.