Otherworldly Animation Makes These Motion Captured Dance Moves Even More Amazing

New York studio Method Design was tasked with creating something for the Association of Independent Commercial Producers’ annual awards show. They decided to make a dance party.


Real humans were rigged up to motion capture suits while they recreated some of the most recognizable dance moves in our pop culture lexicon. Method Design then used that data and built procedural animations and simulations around those funky fresh gyrations, resulting in human-like figures made from feathers, marbles, strings, and fur.

As someone who can’t dance terribly well and doesn’t know the finer details of computer animation, all I’m left with is different variations of “damn that’s amazing.”

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Wow... I know there are people out there that’ll say “You’re an idiot, you can totally tell it’s computer generated” but I honestly am amazed—we’ve come so far with this stuff I can no longer tell what are practical effects and CG much of the time. This looks completely real to me—the motion of the figures, the textures (fur, feathers, balloons, etc.). Amazing stuff.

Makes you go back to the days when T2 came out and seeing those effects—great for their time but they really look like crap now in comparison what can be done on even home systems.

Deadpool, as an example—I had no idea how much of that chase scene was CGI: