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Our MacBook Air Review Matrix

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The so-called "four horsemen" of Apple product reviews have weighed in on the near weightless MacBook Air. You may have seen our post on it last night. You may have even caught one or two of the reviews. But only now can you sit back and enjoy the best quotes from all four reviews in a handy easy-to-read review matrix from your friends at Gizmodo.

Illustration for article titled Our MacBook Air Review Matrix

While most of the additional material covered in the reviews is basically factual stuff that you've already been agonizing over for a week or more, they're all decent reads if you have the time.

• Pogue's preview-review from 1/17 New York Times

• Ed Baig's story in USA Today

• Steven Levy's piece from Newsweek's website

• Walt Mossberg's review from Wall Street Journal and

Of course, if you don't have the time for those, pop over to Chen's superfast big-shot review summary and then, well, get about your business. [All About MacBook Air]

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I guess I hadn't really thought about the lack of 1394.

Any notebook that does more than sub-notebook duties has to be able to do HDV capture (media notebook), and my sub-notebook has to have a small enough footprint to not get recline-crunched in coach on an A320 or 757.

I'm not sure I see what market they're aiming at, but they might be able to create a new market of living-room-laptop buyers that previously couldn't stand having a computer next to their Eames chair.