Packing Heat: Fire-Fly Alcohol Camp Stove

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These tiny Triangia alcohol camp stoves are nothing new, but in the interest of using only the lighest of ultralight materials for backpacking, they're about the most featherweight version of the venerable quick heater in existence.

Because this iteration of the stove, called the Fire-Fly from Mo-Go-Gear, is made out of mostly old recycled aluminum beer cans, it only adds a mere 22 grams of weight to your pack. Light up its clean-burning alcohol fuel and you can boil a pint of water in five to eight minutes. It even includes a wind screen to keep it from being snuffed out on those blustery days.


If you don't feel like spending the $23 to get that store-bought unit, you can melt down some old beer cans and make one yourself—the instructions are available at Readymade.

Fire-Fly Stove by Mo-Go-Gear [Treehugger]

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