Palm Pre: How to Get It Free (After Rebate and Cashback)

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Here's the deal: On Saturday, Walmart and LetsTalk dropped the Pre to $80 after mail-in rebate. Well, you can now get a LetsTalk Pre at no cost (eventually), if you hit up before 5pm (PST) on September 30...


Of course, you'll still need to sign up for a contract, but it looks like you'll get a free charger and bluetooth headset to sweeten the deal. Make sure you check out the full details at: [ via PreThinking]

1. Click this link to buy a Palm Pre from LetsTalk. You must click that special link, or no cashback for you.
2. Use coupon code 25RAFPCVER1 at checkout.
3. Fill out cashback request form. will give you $54.99 in cashback, the after-rebate price.
4. will get your cashback out to you before the mail-in rebates arrive.


I've only come across one Pre owner, and though they did not completely hate it, they stated they had to have it fix 3 times in the couple months or so they have had with it, and where one problem away from switching to something else. As much as the screen looked really nice, it was not even close to enough to save this device. Oh well. Here is hoping the pixie has a better built quality.