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Palmer Watch: Day 48

Image: AP/Art: Sam Wooley
Image: AP/Art: Sam Wooley

We’re now at day 48 of Palmer Watch and Donald Trump is President-elect of the United States of America. These are two things I did not think would be the case a week ago.

Palmer Luckey, as you may not remember as he has been silent for so long, is the 24 year-old boy genius who founded and sold his company, Oculus VR, to Facebook for $2 billion. Luckey created a PR shitstorm for Facebook after it was revealed that he was funding a pro-Trump, anti-Hillary Clinton political advocacy group focused on spreading vile memes. It was basically Gamergate come to life, and it prompted offended Oculus developers to start pulling out of the platform.

Luckey is usually pretty active on social media, but he hasn’t posted anything online since this statement back in September. There are two possible explanations. Either Facebook told Luckey to shut up, and he complied, or Facebook and Luckey parted ways entirely. We asked Facebook last week if Luckey still worked at the company, and we haven’t gotten a response.


President-elect Donald Trump was at the White House today visiting with President Barack Obama. Palmer Luckey is still AWOL.


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This is a recurring article on the opposite of news. Why not add more: Warpspeed watch, no one has invented warpspeed today. World peace watch, hasn’t happened. Nuclear Fusion watch, doesn’t exist today... I don’t get it.