Parasite's Gorgeous Storyboards Are Being Translated and Turned Into a Truly Cinematic 'Graphic Novel'

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Parasite’s storyboards vs. the final film.
Image: Vashi Nedomansky (CJ Entertainment)

Parasite director Bong Joon-ho is known for visualizing the scenes in his films in fine detail, and pouring his ideas into meticulously crafted storyboards that read almost as cinematically as the final product. Given Parasite’s widespread critical acclaim, it’s no surprise that the movie’s storyboards are getting a wider international release in book form.

Though Parasite’s storyboards have been available for some time in Korean, Grand Central Publishing is putting out an English translation complete with the dialogue, camera direction, and stage direction for each scene.


As grounded in a heightened reality as Parasite’s story isfocusing on the multiple hells created by class and wealth inequality—much of the movie unfolds like an unsettling fairytale with elements of horror shot throughout. That quality’s something that’s more than palpable as you’re watching the movie, and is likely to become even more apparent when you see it laid out and diagrammed on the page.

Interiors of the Korean edition of Parasite’s storyboard book.
Interiors of the Korean edition of Parasite’s storyboard book.
Image: Plain Archive

Parasite (in book form) hits stores May 19.

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