Philips 100-inch LCD TV Glows With Ambilight

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Philips is showing off this magnificent 100-inch LCD TV at IFA in Berlin, making it the third over-100-inch TV that we've seen, behind the 100-inch LG LCD, and the Panasonic Plasma. (That's not counting the jumbotron-type stadium sets.) We loved the most recent Ambilight LCD we looked at, and this 100-inch version, based on all the same tech—like their pixel plus 3HD processing— shouldn't fail us. Unless it tips over and falls on us. Cutting through the jargon, Ambilight puts a halo around the sides of a TV, reducing eyestrain and making the TV look more expansive than it really is; pixel plus 3HD draws each pixel considering its surrounding pixels. How much? For sale when? Unlike the big $80k plasma from Panasonic, it's just a prototype now.

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