Pileus Umbrella Has Projector Built Into Grip

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Jeez, we see enough umbrellas around here to keep us dry in Seattle, but this one's different: the Pileus umbrella has a projector in its handle that shines photos or video onto the canopy above. Teamed up with the Pileus web service, it can also log in to a Flickr or YouTube account, projecting that content onto the umbrella.

This peculiar idea, now in the prototype stage, also assumes many people will have these projector/umbrella grips, and will somehow be motivated to pass their projectors along to other users, trading pictures for everyone's amusement. Why you'd want to look at somebody else's pictures and trade away your valuable projector, we have no idea.

These guys are going to need more than a fakey-looking photoshopped graphic and a crude prototype to convince us that this is anywhere near viable. That's going to have to be an unusually bright projector to overcome daylight, even on rainy day, with some powerful batteries, too. Might be cool at night, though.


Product Page [Pileus] (Thanks, Stephen!)