Piloting a Pacific Rim Jaeger Is the Perfect Oculus Rift Endgame

The limits of real-life technology mean that the giant robots that made Pacific Rim so awesome are hundreds of decades away. Sad, for sure, but with the technology we do have at our disposal we can at least simulate the experience of piloting a towering jaeger with the use of an Oculus Rift.

At this year's Comic-Con Oculus VR teamed up with Legendary Pictures to make the Pacific Rim simulator a reality, using the same digital assets that Industrial Light & Magic created for the film's visual effects. Those eager to try their hand at saving the world will be dropped in to the pilot's seat of the film's Gipsy Danger jaeger and will have to do virtual battle with the Knifehead kaiju seen in the movie—minus all of that unsettling mind melding pseudo-science. [YouTube via Ubergizmo]

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I wouldn't say hundreds of decades away. Maybe like ten decades. Heck, if we got into a situation like in the movie, and all the nations of the world pooled their resources and all the scientists were able to work together with free and open information, no patents or paywalls (and without fanatics insisting this is how we should die and terror bombing these efforts), I'd bet we'd be beyond Jeager tech in 50 years.