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Pogue's video tells us how to read our email on Dumb Phones. (You like that? That's my name for every handset not a Treo, Windows Mobile, or BlackBerry.)


He checks out GMail and Yahoo's apps, but faults them for being unavailable on many of the locked-down phones that carriers sell us. He much prefers the teleflip service, which forwards email messages from preselected senders as multiple txt messages.

I see where he's coming from, since most any phone capable of txt messages can work with teleflip, but man, I definitely don't want the flood of my inbox hitting my cellphone like a rain of twittter. Especially when each email gets broken down into 4-5 emails. *Shudder*

Hey, anyone catch his new show last Friday? He's got a schedule up.


How to Make Your Cellphone Act Like a BlackBerry [NYTimes]

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