Pokemon Go Maniac Refuses to Go to Hospital After Stabbing So He Can Keep Playing

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It’s unclear whether Michael Baker is the very best Pokemaster, like no one ever was, but he might be the most dedicated. The 21-year-old was stabbed at 1 a.m. while looking for Pokemon, but refused medical attention because he wanted to keep playing.

Baker was in Oregon’s Forest Grove when he came across someone he thought was another player. He issued a challenge to battle. He got stabbed in the shoulder.


“I saw him go by and asked if he was playing Pokemon Go. He was like “what?”. I guess he wanted to battle because he came up at me with a knife,” he said. So, yeah, a different kind of battle.

“I basically risked my life,” he adds, and who are we to question that? After risking his life, this brave man decided to continue looking for Pokemon and go to Plaid Pantry to get chips and beer. He has since had eight stitches.


Be safe out there. Robberies, accidental exercise and now, apparently, stabbings. No word from Baker on how many more Pokemon he got out of this decision, or whether there might have been Pokemon at the hospital.

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