Pre Hits 300,000 Sales In June, Dwarfs Palm's Previous Totals

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We'll see plenty of "Pre sells X units in Y amount of time; not as many as iPhone" stories in the next year—in fact, we already have. That may be the wrong way to look at it.


Charter Equity Research is now saying that Palm has pushed over 300k Pres into sales channels in June alone, setting them on a pace to sell a million units in the first quarter. Set in the context of the iPhone 3G and 3GS's million-in-a-weekend sales pace, this doesn't sound like a ton. Set in the more meaningful context of Palm's sales last quarter, it's huge. As John Paczkowski points out, the company sold just 351,000 phones total in the quarter preceding the launch of the Pre.

Palm may be waiting to release official numbers until supply issues are sorted out and they can claim a more flattering number, but this right here? Pretty impressive. If there was any lingering doubt that a single phone could salvage this ailing company (and assuming these numbers are right), it's gone now. [Barrons via AllThingsD]

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I still have a lot of doubts that Palm will still be around in a couple years actually. The marketplace is increasingly competitive and the much deeper pockets at Apple, Google, RIM and Microsoft mean they aren't going anywhere. But good for Palm. I hope they manage to survive after leading the handheld revolution.