Project Natal Needs 4m of Free Space

Obviously you're going to need some space to flail your arms and legs about, but 4m? Seems like quite a bit just to play video games—even if Project Natal is the most anticipated gaming add-on this year. spoke to Craig Mundie, Xbox 360's chief research and strategy officer, who said Natal gamers will need to stand 4m, or 13 feet, away from the TV, so the sensors can detect every move accurately. Xbox's Kudo Tsunoda previously told us that Natal can "see" 15 x 20 feet of a room, so having to stand 13 feet away from the TV seems over-cautious at best.


As Kotaku points out, this could prove quite a problem for Japanese households, whose houses tend to be pretty darn small. [Techflash via Kotaku]

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