Question of the Day: How Many USB Ports Are You Using?

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If you are anything like me, you have waaaay too many gadgets plugged into your USB ports. I have a hub of course, but it is still hard to keep up with the insane amount of stuff you can plug in these days. That having been said, I am curious to know how bad things have really gotten. So, how many USB ports are currently in use on your computer?


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Let's see here, I have two computers. The Mac just has a mouse/keyboard and iPod charging cable plugged into it.

The Athlon has a Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard, mouse, a little device whose name I forget, but it's essentially a usb to PS2 controller adapter. (You have no idea how much fun it is playing PC games with a PS2 controller.) I also have an external hard drive plugged in and a gamebridge.

I don't use a hub because my motherboard has six usb ports on it. the g15 technically is a hub as it has two usb ports on it, but I don't use those.