Raytheon Blaster Can Smash Through Concrete Juggernaut Style

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A new prototype device developed by Raytheon Co. can bash through concrete walls like nobody's business. Plans for the 100 pound Controlled Impact Rescue Tool, or CIRT, will place the device in the hands of firefighters, military personnel and search teams as part of a program developed by the Department of Homeland Security. Hit the jump to see the CIRT in action.

Click to viewThe video above pretty much says it all, but to put things into perspective, the CIRT can take down a concrete barrier in about 13 minutes—which is about 16 minutes quicker than conventional methods. That may be a little slower than Juggernaut, but it is not too shabby. Plus, it is not much of a burden for two burly dudes to handle. A price point for the device has yet to be determined. [Boston]

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@qbrad: Clearly its to help set up their next fake disaster like 9/11. Or... if you're not a crazy conspiracy theorist, it can save tons of lives reaching people in collapsed buildings, fires, or any other situation where injured people aren't easily reached.