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Read These 3 Unpublished JD Salinger Stories That Just Leaked Online

Illustration for article titled Read These 3 Unpublished JD Salinger Stories That Just Leaked Online

Later today, you'll be full of turkey and bored with talking to your family. Fact. So why not settle down with a nice story? In fact, how about these three unpublished works by JD Salinger, that have just been leaked online?


After showing up on an eBay auction, the trio of stories—The Ocean Full of Bowling Balls, Birthday Boy and Paula—was uploaded as a PDF. It seems to have been scanned from an unauthorized book called, aptly enough, Three Stories. While it seems to have an ISBN number and barcode, neither lead anywhere.

The Ocean Full of Bowling Balls is particularly interesting: it relates to characters from The Catcher in the Rye and until now has only been available to be read under supervision at Princeton University's Firestone Library. The two other stories have been available at the University of Texas' Ransom Center in a similar way. All three have been confirmed as genuine.


It's worth pointing out that Salinger wouldn't be too happy about the leak. A notoriously private man, he'd requested in his will that they not be published any earlier than 2051. So, you have an ethical decision to make—but if you do want to read them, you can do so here. [Reddit via Buzzfeed via Verge]

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C.T. Rex Pope

2051? What a ridiculous request. When you're dead. You're dead. I can see why people like Samuel Clemens would want to wait, since their autobiographies disparaged living people. But works of fiction? What's the point, except being a giant asshat.