Remainders - Things We Didn't Post

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Here's the stuff that we didn't post today. (Until now, obviously.)

• Somebody finally took a stand against the crap Michael Bay Transformers, and built himself a life-size Bumblebee using a very real Volkswagen Beetle. It's mighty without being, bizarrely disjointed, and has the old noble Tranny face, instead of the weird insectoid new ones. Only problem is, this thing doesn't move, not even as much as Japan's larger-than-life Gundam, so it's technically not a "gadget." [DailyStab]


• OK, here's an award-winning idea: Build an overly elaborate, overly large bracelet that harvests your energy so that when your stupid phone dies, you have an extra 2 minutes of juice. Am I getting it right? Sure, it looks neat—if your name is Captain Spaceman. Here's one concept we don't think we'll be doing a Lightning Review of in the future. [Yanko]


• $55 tethering? Mid-July launch? Confirmed by AT&T? But reported by some blog we never heard of, who appears to have stolen our name, or at least our naming system? We didn't jump on the bandwagon because our sources within AT&T and Apple said it was BS. Here's a link to a site that's doing the work of dispelling this dumb rumor, verified by AT&T themselves through their Facebook page. [Loop]


• Popular Science has declared their July issue the first interactive magazine cover. When you hold their magazine up to a webcam, you see the 3d image above, on your screen. Too bad its actually an ad by GE. [PopSci/GE]