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Q: What does an ailing electronics retailer need to get back on top? A: King Kong-sized keyboards...Microsoft should buy Palm—or maybe that's dumb...Jay-Z's Auto-Tune attack makes people yearn for Auto-Tune...

You already know that Radio Shack is most likely going to make the all-too-1990s decision to rename itself "The Shack." (Didn't Pizza Hut or somebody do that, only to regret it immediately?) What you didn't know is that they'll be debuting their newly rad-ified ID with a coast-to-coast party, linking two giant keyboards for maximum party-osity. Forget TV-B-Gone—where's Frucci with his giant Cheeto when you need him? [Engadget]


PC World's David Coursey lays out a reasoned argument why Microsoft should buy at least 49% of Palm right now (and retain the newly recharged Palm brand). It's a nice read, and I agree that "Zune and Windows Mobile...are going precisely nowhere" at the moment. Still, it doesn't make business sense. Microsoft, currently in a bit of a slump before Windows 7 takes off, shouldn't buy into a company that Coursey himself admits is currently at its hottest. I'm no financial planner, but that seems like the opposite of a good deal. Besides, Windows Mobile 6.1 and 6.5 may seem like nothing special, but phone developers tend to work a bit into the future—Microsoft probably already has prototype capacitive-touch HTC phones running WinMo 7 with a Zune 3.0 interface. Right Microsoft? Right??? [PC World]

Everybody knows that HOVA has it in for Auto-Tune, but did you know that his rant, "D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)," has stimulated sales of the very same Antares computer software that makes grown men sound like Cher, and Katie Couric sound like sex? It's true—I read it in the New York Times. [NYT]