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San Francisco airport to exploit environmental guilt...Motorola Cliq to see November 11th release?...More evidence of the $200 Wii...Incredibly difficult Nintendo DS hack...

San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom might be taking his city's reputation as the most liberal in the country a little too seriously—he's proposing a "carbon offset kiosk" in the SFO airport. The idea is that travellers can go to the kiosk, find the environmental cost of their trip, and try to offset it presumably with cold hard cash. We know California's not doing so hot, economically, and his heart's in the right place, but this is so obviously not going to work. Maybe we could work on more efficient fuel instead, hmm? [Fast Company]


Boy Genius Report um, reports that the Motorola Cliq and BlackBerry 9700 are both due to launch on the same day, November 11th. It's a perfectly plausible date, but until we get confirmation from somebody at T-Mobile or Motorola, we're not going to get concerned with rumors like this one. [Boy Genius Report]

This Nintendo DS hack sounds great, at first—why use an expensive, proprietary charging jack when you can just replace it with the common miniUSB? The voltage is close enough to not matter, and the case looks pretty much the same after the hack, so why not? Well, maybe because it's a really, really difficult hack, requiring you to pretty much take the entire DS apart, solder, and put it back together. The thing is, DS cables really aren't that expensive and who knows what this kind of operation could do to your console. Oh well—it's the thought that counts, and bravo for pushing standards. [Surugi via Hackaday via Crunchgear]


Not that anyone thinks this rumor isn't true, but we've got even more evidence that the Wii is taking a price dip to $200, thanks to a leaked Target circular. I wonder how many Christmases in a row the Wii can be the most sought-after gift? [Kotaku]


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