Report: Amazon Is Gearing Up to Add Free Streaming Music to Prime

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Re/code reports the claims of industry sources who say Amazon is in talks to create a streaming music service that it would bundle with Prime subscriptions. The report makes a lot of sense, and if true, it would make Amazon Prime and even better deal than it already is. Think how amazing that would be!

According to the unconfirmed report, Amazon has been talking to labels for several months about getting the rights to music catalogs so it can launch a Spotify-like service. Apparently, Amazon is bargaining hard with the labels As we know from the cases of everything from Apple to Google to Spotify, the labels like to play hard to get.


Though Re/code's report comes from unnamed sources, it makes total sense. Every giant consumer technology player besides Amazon—Apple, Google, Sony, Microsoft—has added some kind of streaming music to its list of products in an effort to build robust service ecosystems to draw in customers. In a lot of ways, Amazon was the pioneer in this area with Prime Instant Streaming, which gives people a Netflix-like service along with their Prime service. Indeed, streaming music would sweeten the deal, and probably encourage more people to sign up. Streaming music makes sense for Amazon. It's just a matter of how long it will take for it to turn its Cloud Player into a full-blown service. [Re/code]

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Maybe they should fix up their packaging and shipping department. It's gone to shit in the last 2-3 years.

Need examples: Look at Bravely Default CE and SMTIV LE.

On top of that, they have slipped in getting my stuff shipped on time (missed the 2 day shipping by a long shot even though I ordered the stuff at the beginning of the week to avoid weekend issues). As a result, I end up with 2 months extended on my Prime (because of 2 shipping issues in this month alone). As well as multiple credit back for damage products. And I've decrease my spending on Amazon because I fear that I may yet again have to deal with CSR. And the word is if you get 3 flags within 3 months, they blacklist you.