Repurposing the Powerbook Motion Sensor

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This isn't something new for you to buy (sorry), but it's so cool I had to share. Amit Singh patched into the six-axis motion sensor in the new Apple Powerbooks—originally designed to measure quick movements, like drops, and park the hard drive to prevent damage—and wrote a program that rotates the windows based on the orientation of the laptop to the ground. But that's not all it can do. Singh offers these examples:

• Panning across large maps (consider Google Maps: you slightly tilt the PowerBook backwards to go North, tilt it slightly to the left to go East, and so on)
• vertical and horizontal scrolling in general, say, in a web browser
• Input for games (for example, a flight simulator)


It's enough to make a man lie to himself that he needs a shiny new Powerbook. (Thanks, trunc();!)

The PowerBook Sudden Motion Sensor [KernelThread]

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