Reuters: iPad 2 Has Two Cameras, Better Display, Coming Early Next Year

Illustration for article titled Reuters: iPad 2 Has Two Cameras, Better Display, Coming Early Next Year

We've heard these rumors in bits and pieces before, but today Reuters reports with conviction that the next will have front and rear-facing cameras, a higher res display, and will start production in the early months of next year.


Reuters cites multiple supplier sources, two of whom said that production would begin soon for iPad 2. The next generation of Apple's tablet is expected to be thinner and lighter, with an improved screen resolution that will can hopefully keep up with the iPhone 4's retina display. Most importantly, it will add a front-facing camera to allow for video chat.

It's everything you would expect, given Apple's track record of yearly product updates. But the more confirmation I get about an iPad 2 FaceTime camera, the more I start saving up my pennies. [Reuters]



I generally believe that these rumors are 99% bullshit, so I'm going to take this with a huge grain of salt. Not the part about the cameras, because I'm sure that one is true, but the one about the higher rez display. Just doesn't make sense to me that they'd monkey with the rez one year in, and throw another curve ball to developers, plus we're talking about a screen that is already 1024x768. Going higher has all kinds of technical challenges.

Though if this turns out to be true, then I guess my current iPad is going on eBay. Cause a higher rez display is the one thing I want most.