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Business cards have become more of a hassle in a time when contact details can be shared electronically. But one company has chosen to ignore this obvious trend with a luxury card that tells people you're an arrogant ass.


I mean seriously, what other message are you going to get when handed a diamond-studded card made from carbon fiber or other equally expensive materials? I don't care what title's printed on there, handing these out says you're nothing but a well-paid suit with no real grasp of where the world is headed.

I'd point an accusing finger at the company who makes the cards, Black Astrum, but so far as I can tell they've just come up with a legal way to cleverly cheat the wealthy out of their money. To keep them exclusive, and make people think they represent some manner of status, you have to be specifically invited to order a set of 25, 50, or 100 cards. So kudos to you, I wish I had thought of the idea first. [Black Astrum via Born Rich]

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