Robbing an Apple Store Looks Exactly as Easy as You'd Expect

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Stealing tens of thousands of dollars worth of Apple products didn’t call for an Oceans Eleven-style elaborate heist. No, it simply required less than thirty seconds and moving with a sense of purpose.


On July 7, four thieves reportedly nabbed over $27,000 in iPhones and MacBooks from the Fashion Fair Apple Store in Fresno, California. Surveillance footage of the robbery shows the men hurriedly entering the store, walking up to display tables, and grabbing a bunch of devices as customers and employees stare on with placid astonishment.

“All the witnesses were very clear that all the suspects were very aggressive, and it was a sort of takeover style theft,” Fresno Police Lt. Rob Beckwith told CBS affiliate KGPE.


At first police reportedly indicated that it was an armed robbery, but then determined the men didn’t use weapons. There were no reported injuries and the store remained open, according to the Fresno Bee.

“They were going through people and just grabbing stuff,” Beckwith told the Fresno Bee. The Fresno Police Department is offering a cash reward for information regarding the incident.

Apple’s retail stores are iconic for their spaciousness, featuring long wooden display tables littered with pricey products available to test out. It’s this welcoming and, frankly, idealistic trustworthiness that afforded the men the opportunity to swipe a bunch of free shit while people looked on dumbfounded. Genius.

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Wayward Apology

Except they brick themselves after leaving the Apple Store Wi-Fi so congrats on stealing a bunch of useless devices that will be difficult and risky to fence even for parts.